Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Ever Apple Pie

I made this pie with Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust and it was AWESOME! Easy and Delicious!

Best Ever Apple Pie from Country Home

We asked Country Home readers to send us their favorite original recipe for apple pie and tell us how it came to them. We read and sampled and surmised that the maple sugar- and cream-infused one from reader Vicki Ehrenberg Schlaerth was the winner. For the story behind the pie, read Vicki’s letter:

The secrets to my pie are the cream and maple sugar that give it a warm mellow flavor—it’s the perfect comfort food. The recipe is made up of parts of several “family” recipes, and the maple sugar was my own addition. I put it together two years ago after I discovered the fun of estate sales and purchased a tin recipe box filled with family recipes. I went home and spent an hour looking through the recipes—they all sounded so delicious. Since then, I have purchased every tin box I see, as long as it’s full of recipes.
—Vicki Ehrenberg Schlaerth, New York

Best-Ever Apple Pie Recipe
The winning recipe from our apple pie contest.